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Tactile Artisan Print

_IGP1536One of the things I love most about being in the printing industry is the opportunity to work with clients who are willing to explore the artistic print styles of yesteryear where craftsmanship was paramount.  Don’t get me wrong I think that digital is good for the market it serves, offset is great in its capabilities and run capacity but letterpress in all its forms is not just gorgeous, it’s groovy.

Having kept the traditions past down from generation to generation, I feel privileged to work in our family print shop, sharing a journey of constant change that has led us back to where it all started….beautiful letterpress. Print produced in the letterpress process together with embossing and debossing techniques is something that takes time and skill, print that is crafted and tailored is something to behold.

So this is something I love being apart of but what is even better is that it is achieving success for our clients as well, their print is more artisan than automation and it stands out from the avalanche of other media in both print as well as electronic form.

Recently we were asked to produce a presentation folder that was classy and uncluttered. Obviously we thought blind emboss, white on white, simple and elegant as well as timeless, folders with an elegant bespoke finish. We strive to inspire and create craft not conformist collateral.