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Printing for Newcastle since we used one of these!

Printing for Newcastle since we used one of these!

Creating impressions in print begins with the design but the beginning starts at the end.

It is pertinent that the finished product and the production cycle is at the forefront of the design process. Trade experience is the key to achieving your desired outcome. It’s not just about being pretty, the team in production has to see it through to completion.

Our innovative artists are diverse in both design and technical ability with the added advantage of in-house knowledge of the production process.
Turning an idea into a design and taking that design to press is what we printers have been doing for centuries. Creative solutions at reasonable rates are a specialty.

Why do you want to fit in? – You were created to stand out!

Your stationery and marketing material should reflect your company’s identity and style. It should be created to stand out, using specialty papers, inks and finishes. Today’s print suppliers want you to fit in so your print piece can be produced with many others, giving you the same size, finish, feel and overall look. It is cheaper, but this also reflects on your business and your brand.

We do not offer price lists or catalogues for clients to choose standardised products. We offer bespoke print impressions that are unique to you. Beautiful, tactile print productions have been eroded by the cmyk, multiple (gang) print, standardised, production line print runs. Stand out and be different from what has become mainstream, we can show you how.

Printing for Newcastle since we used one of these!

Printing for Newcastle since we used one of these!

Master Printers


It is the finishing touches that enhance and embellish the tactile qualities of print in its multitude of forms. Embossing, debossing, die cutting, foil stamping and celloglazing not only complement your print project, these finishes add a creative impact to the final product.

Impress your clients with impressions in print and fancy finishes.

The end of the line

The place where everything comes together, our bindery and finishing department is the final production destination for all jobs. It is not just where we guillotine, fold and collate, it is also the final checkpoint in our overall quality control. All of our work is thoroughly inspected for any faults or defects before packaging, ensuring that you receive the quality product that is expected.

We deliver to your door within the Newcastle, Hunter and Lake Macquarie area and also handle logistic arrangements for our clients both in a national and international capacity.

Printing for Newcastle since we used one of these!

Printing for Newcastle since we used one of these!

Dobson McEwan

Printing for Newcastle since we used one of these!

Why Print?

Print Media ... the original wireless communication

The unique and practical aesthetic qualities print media offers, simply isn’t matched by its electronic alternatives. It doesn’t crash, is free of virus and can still be read without any updates or patches thousands of years into the future. It is apparent in human nature that we keep and cherish mementos of our existence and even though we all love our technology, it’s hard to be passionate about a PDF. Printed material compared to its electronic equivalent, is a tangible, emotive recording of time be it personal, business or community.

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