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Self Publishing

Dude Where’s the Food

selfpubdudeAnne Geddes and Kerri Larken conceived the idea of their 152 page recipe book back in 1973. Aimed primarily at young men, “Dude Where’s the Food” gives a light-hearted and in some cases mischievous approach to cooking for the uninitiated. This book was produced using Aussie print and paper.

Design and Production – Dobson McEwan Master Printers

Australasian Highlander

selfpubaushighPublished since 1970, The Australasian Highlander is an A5, 32 page colour magazine, produced quarterly for a subscription based market. In its 45th year, it is a publication designed to promote Scottish culture throughout Australasia.

Design – The Australasian Highlander,

ProductionDobson McEwan Master Printers


Whale Tail & Skin Deep

whaletailHelping people achieve a dream is a fantastic bonus to what we do here at Dobson & McEwan. Whale Tail & Skin Deep is a childrens book about friendship taking the reader on a wonderful journey of self belonging and where they belong in the world.

Rhonda Partridge is the writer and illustrator of this wonderful colour publication, aimed at children 7-12 years it is wonderfully tactile, once again using our favourite Australian Made, carbon Neutral, Envi.

Design & Production – Dobson & McEwan Master Printers

What is the Wind Like

selfpubwind“In the Middle of the Night” and “What is the Wind Like” are children’s books written and illustrated by the very talented Jul Robinson. Her beautiful watercolours reproduced on uncoated carbon neutral paper reflect the original art pieces almost identically. The absorption of our soy inks into the Australian Made uncoated stock mimics the original finish of her artworks.

Print ProductionDobson McEwan Master Printers

Dudley Duggan Spy

selfpubdudleyFor Jul Robinsons third production, “Dudley Duggan, Spy” she once again chose to use the Australian Made, Carbon Neutral stock, “Envi”. This addition to her collection is a 48 page, perfect bound children’s novel.

Design and ProductionDobson McEwan Master Printers

Belmont – from The Dreaming to Federation

belmontbook1Belmont – from The Dreaming to Federation, by Paul Brown is a historical journey of the development of the Belmont area from The Dreaming to Federation. Started as a personal endeavour for his family, Paul originally thought he would only produce a couple of copies but the project grew into a self published and distributed publication which was well received throughout the Lake Macquarie community. Within two weeks the book had sold out and the second, larger print run is currenlty enjoying resounding success.

Design & Production – Dobson & McEwan Master Printers

Self Publishing

Authors and others understand the value of printed media. The changing dynamics of the publishing industry means that some excellent material remains unpublished, because of the scale and need for significant commitments to minimum print runs and the like. Online publishing may be an option, however it is often not a viable choice, and self publishing can be a very viable no compromise solution. 

Alec Dobson Master Printers have helped numbers of self publishing efforts, from single volume print runs, periodicals, and a number of other options.

We would be honoured to discuss you needs, desire and options. We would love to help.