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Luxurious Letterpress Invites.

letterpressgabriellaLuxurious Letterpress Invites printed on 595 gsm Crane’s Lettra, a 100% tree free cotton stock. This handmade paper has the look and feel of fabric. Satisfying the desire for today’s craving for beautiful, handmade items, these invites conjure the craft of yesteryear.

ProductionDobson McEwan Master Printers

Letterpress Postcard

Letterpress postcardPlush and lush, we keep saying it but letterpress is luxurious. The peaks and troughs produce a third dimension that just entices touch. Classic style with an artisan finish, simply beautiful.

Concept & Design – MICI Magazine

Production – Dobson & McEwan Master Printers

Vintage is the New Black!

Vintage-is-the-new-black-01Vintage is the New Black! Vintage is everywhere you look from the hipster running your local coffee shop to MacDonalds. We love that what is old is new again cause it fits right in with what we do. Bespoke organic creations for individuals over production line, automated, void of human touch mainstream stuff.

Concept, Design & Production – Dobson & McEwan Master Printers

Flat Beer

letterpressflatbeerThis promotional piece was designed to reveal how print media can still achieve impact. This letterpress production in Pantone 806 fluorescent ink, debossed into cotton rich paper is tactile and bespoke.

Letterpress is an ancient form of print that cannot be replicated by today’s print technology.

Concept, Design &  ProductionDobson McEwan Master Printers

The Measured Marketer

The Measured Marketer chose a toothy coton 360gsm Chilled White Board for their business cards. Coupled with rich Pantone colours and a deep impression letterpress print, these cards are uncluttered and timeless.

ProductionDobson McEwan Master Printers


Crafted with artistry, mastery, technique and love. Letterpress is an age-old art form. It is tailored for every individual client. Completely organic, this style of print provides a three dimensional, tactile and plush finish. This cannot be matched by using either a digital or offset processes.

This hand applied look attracts many admirers from the design studio clients through to the bespoke cottage industries. Of course letterpress produces luxurious wedding stationery. Think fine wine placed amongst a row of cheap casks. Compare Camembert cheese to a table full of nuts and crackers. That is what letterpress is in the world of modern print. Dobson & McEwan Master Printers - Newcastle's premier letterpress print maker.