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Fancy Flyers

Zoom Zoom Die Cut Flyers

If you want your flyers to make it to the fridge door rather than the garage floor, you need to stand out and make an immediate impact. We specialise in unique projects and we love that we can create print that is tailored to the client in every way. This project was printed double sided using pantone colours on 300gsm tablex board and die cut into the shape of the clients logo.

Concept, Design & Production - Dobson & McEwan Master Printers

Tis the Season Flyers

One flyer that wasn't thrown in the recycling bin. Our client, “Tis the Season” needed a simple flyer to spread the word that they were a new business in town. Sure we could have produced a glossy, colour, A4 or A5 flyer but it was decided that a simple message with a novelty Christmas decoration theme had more impact.

Concept, Design & ProductionDobson McEwan Master Printers

Gingerbread Man Flyer

Having already gauged the response from their Star shaped flyer, our clients Lisa and Adam of “Tis the Season”, were ready for another flyer with visual impact for their brand new venture the “Hunter Valley Christmas Shop”. With the theme being gingerbread we created both this flyer and business cards, which always receives a “WOW” from every person they are given to. Doubling as tree decoration ensures they are hung onto.

 Concept, Design & ProductionDobson McEwan Master Printers

Fancy Flyers

The market has become a little saturated with 'same old ...' so when you want to use a flyer for something special, and event, a new product, or whatever it is you will benefit from some stand out quality. Something that says, read me, keep me, treasure ,me, notice me, I am not like all the rest of the stuff you got today.

There are lots of ways we have to help you achieve things, be it colour, quality, cut, precision, embellishments, these can all help when use the right way to help you achieve your goals.

We would love to help you achieve some of these tasks.