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Custom Cut with Blind Emboss

embellishmccoskerfolderThis folder was produced using a five colour print process on a toothy uncoated stock. The blind emboss along with the specialised knife incorporating the client’s logo into the die cut, communicates class and credibility.

Concept, Design & ProductionDobson McEwan Master Printers

Embossed Pipestar

Pipestar-01Clean, crisp, white blind emboss. Classic black and white business cards with bespoke finish of an embossed logo. Less can be so much more.

Production – Dobson & McEwan Master Printers

Blind Embossing

_IGP1536Seatons Aluminium decided on a simple blind embossed finish for their presentation folders. Produced on Australian Made Envi Carbon Neutral board (a D&M favourite), the folders are elegant and classy. A less is more approach was taken.

Concept, Design & Production – Dobson McEwan Master Printers

Hot Foil Greeting Cards

embellishpkfcongratsCongratulations! Foil brings a little bit of dazzle, 2917 purple with a silver foil on smooth Splendorgel, awesome combination.

ProductionDobson McEwan Master Printers

Embossed Certificates

stpiusembossEmbossing is an embellishment that portrays and ensures legitimacy. It embodies quality and class.

This piece was printed using spot pantone colours on 120gsm Splendorgel. Focusing on the school crest by utilising the embossing process brought an air of achievement and ceremony to this certificate.

 Concept, Design & Production – Dobson McEwan Master Printers

Glow Me!

Step into the light with glow in the dark print

Glow in the dark is just one of the many quirky print options we have on offer. Great for the hospitality and entertainment industry.

Check out the clip below.

3 step card

Fancy Foil

pkfFolderReflective hot foil stamping was used to produce these simple but elegant presentation folders. Produced on Australian made, carbon neutral, Envi 50/50 uncoated board they are sturdy as well as stylish.

Concept, Design & Production – Dobson McEwan Master Printers

Limited Edition Art

owlArtist Vanessa Lewis of Apothecary Artist creates the most beautiful images and then shares them with the world. Limited edition art prints produced on the Australian made, acid free, carbon neutral, recycled paper “Stephen” a lusciously tactile stock complemented by the glossy black raised print. Giving a hoot about the environment adds to the beauty of this work.

Concept & Design – Vanessa Lewis

Production – Dobson & McEwan Master Printers

Box Brownie Business Cards

Brownie-01Inspired by the vintage box brownie camera, the business cards for Scannan Production House were designed to snapshot the imagination. A raised finish using metallic lustre silver ink on 300gsm, black Optix with rounded corners and drilled lens hole. People can’t resist peeking through the lens as soon as they pick up a card.

Concept, Design & Production – Dobson & McEwan Master Printers

Pantone & Parchment with Hot Foil

embellishstpiusfoilPantone and Parchment complemented with a reflective foil. Visually enhanced by the hot gold leaf stamping, this certificate communicates top of the class prestige.

Concept, Design & ProductionDobson McEwan Master Printers


It is the finishing touches that enhance and embellish the tactile qualities of print in its multitude of forms. Embossing, debossing, die cutting, foil stamping and celloglazing not only complement your print project, these finishes add a creative impact to the final product.

Impress your clients with impressions in print and fancy finishes.