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Business Cards

Letterpress for Lily

lily1Lily Ward chose letterpress for her business cards. A sample of the beautiful cards are displayed here both in rich black ink as well as a clean debossed finish. A finalist in the 2015 Hutchins Art Prize, a Nationally recognised biennial award for works on paper and printmaking, Lily obviously was discerning on how her business cards would reflect her as well as her work.

Concept & Design – Kwill Studios

Production – Dobson & McEwan Master Printers

Pappa Sven Cards


Our client Pappa Sven wanted a Scandinavian feel to their stationery. An exceptionally smooth surface and high whiteness was required to attain this effect.

Their cards were produced using Splendorgel, an ISO and FSC certified paper.

Printed in Black and Spot 032 Red achieved a clean crisp look. These cards are simply elegant.

Concept – Libby Helinski, Design – Kelly Freeman
ProductionDobson McEwan Master Printers

The Lock Up Business Cards

The Lock Up cards in stand out Fluoro Orange on Doggetts Wild Cotton 450gsm. A soft-feel sheet ideal for a deep letterpress impression.

Concept & Design: Headjam
Production: Dobson & McEwan Master Printers


Raised Print

Raised print adds a dimension that is proud and tactile.

Black and White is vintage at its best and works in harmony with the filigree design.

Concept, Design and ProductionDobson McEwan Master Printers

Tis The Season – Bow card


Looking for a business card that looks like every other? CMYK with a gloss or matt cello?

Business cards all look the same these days. This card stands out! One pantone colour with a unique die cut makes these business cards a cut above the rest.

Concept, Design & ProductionDobson McEwan Master Printers.

Billiard Tables & Business Cards

Create business cards to match your business, it’s not just fun for us, its fun for you and your clients will also love it.

D&M create cards that are noticed.

Be noticed – do something different!

Concept Design & Production: Dobson & McEwan


WanagiThis raised print business card was produced on an uncoated coaster board giving an unusual gloss finish to the extremely fibre rich stock.

Toothy and Tactile with textured hills and hollows a wonderful three dimensional, rough – smooth combination.

Concept and Design: Kwill Studios

Production: Dobson McEwan Master Printers

The Measured Marketer

The Measured Marketer chose a toothy coton 360gsm Chilled White Board for their business cards. Coupled with rich Pantone colours and a deep impression letterpress print, these cards are uncluttered and timeless.

ProductionDobson McEwan Master Printers

Debossed Letterpress Business Cards

bcardtitchmarsh (1)Local artist Renae Titchmarsh chose letterpress to showcase her business cards. The simple, classic design is complemented by the traditional print method.

Design – Renae Titchmarsh
ProductionDobson McEwan Master Printers

Embossed Pipestar

Pipestar-01Clean, crisp, white blind emboss. Classic black and white business cards with bespoke finish of an embossed logo. Less can be so much more.

Production – Dobson & McEwan Master Printers

Box Brownie Business Cards

Brownie-01Inspired by the vintage box brownie camera, the business cards for Scannan Production House were designed to snapshot the imagination. A raised finish using metallic lustre silver ink on 300gsm, black Optix with rounded corners and drilled lens hole. People can’t resist peeking through the lens as soon as they pick up a card.

Concept, Design & Production – Dobson & McEwan Master Printers

Glow Me!

Step into the light with glow in the dark print

Glow in the dark is just one of the many quirky print options we have on offer. Great for the hospitality and entertainment industry.

Check out the clip below.

3 step card

Touch Me!


This card screams “Touch ME!” Printed in 875 Metallic Lustre and Pantone 485 Red, the gingerbread house business card is aesthetically pleasing and gloriously tactile.

The raised type coupled with a custom die cut, add depth and texture to this bespoke business card.

Concept, Design &  ProductionDobson McEwan Master Printers

Bespoke Business Cards

Your business is unique, and your business card is important. In terms of the people you meet, your business card becomes the visual clue to remind them who you are. The shape, style and form of your business card is an important marketing decision.

There are lots of ways to make you business stand out on a business card, and we would be happy to help you with every aspect of the design. We will help you avoid the easily made mistakes, and help your business stand out from the crowd.

Your business card may well be the one thing that people take away from a meeting with you. Seize the opportunity.