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Tactile Artisan Print

One of the things I love most about being in the printing industry is the opportunity to work with clients who are willing to explore the artistic print styles of yesteryear where craftsmanship was paramount.  Don’t get me wrong I think that digital is good for the market it serves, offset is great in its [… Read on …]

A journey to create

Welcome to our first vlog! (Video Blog) A journey to create limited edition art prints for local artist Vanessa Lewis, using the raised print process referred to as vercotyping.

Letterpress alive & well

Crafted with artistry, mastery, technique and love, Letterpress is an age-old art form that is produced exclusively for every individual client. Complete with imperfections this style of printing provides a three dimensional, tactile and plush finish that cannot be matched by using either a digital or offset process. This hand applied look attracts various admirers [… Read on …]