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Family Matters

After the birth of a first child and grandchild a family business was conceived.

Alec Dobson together with his daughter and son in law, Colleen and Ian McEwan, formed a partnership at the start of a new generation of their family.1958

Alec Dobson, a New Zealand born journalist moved to Australia with his wife and two children in 1949. He forged himself a solid reputation as a hard worker and skillful organiser within the Newcastle business community, starting the marching girl movement in Newcastle as well as being the founding organiser of the Newcastle Mattara Festival.

Colleen, Alec’s only daughter, spent much of her childhood working by her father’s side as his labourer and work buddy. She met her husband Ian, at a festival her father had organised in Stockton.

The seventh son of a Scottish pastry cook, Ian McEwan was born into the baking trade. His childhood was built around the family business, working with his siblings under the direction of his father.

Colleen Dobson and Ian McEwan married in 1956 and had their first child in April 1958, this led to the birth of the family’s print shop.

In September 1958, Alec, Colleen and Ian formed Alec Dobson & McEwan.

Our family business has had the pleasure of working with many local people over its life, from the thousands of clients over the fifty-five years to the hundreds of local people we have employed.

We are proud to be Newcastle’s oldest independent commercial printers and we thank everyone who has been involved in our journey.